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puce Work samples
Completed work
For confidentiality reasons, I cannot show samples of the translations I have done. Below is however an overview of some kinds of translations I have recently made:
  • Online training on information security and protection
  • Online training on IT service operation concepts
  • Online training on integrity
  • Overview of complex humanitarian emergencies
  • Online training on clarity and conciseness in business writing
  • Online training on strategies for Building a Cohesive Team
  • Company's code of conduct
  • Catalog of adjustable equipment for companies, hospitals and schools
  • Overview of a group's global strategy
  • Performance management software user guide

Customers' feedback
"I would like to let you know that our contact for this project was very happy with the quality of translation for this job. Many thanks for great work."
(Translation reviews for several IT products)
"The client was more than impressed with your standard of translation."
(Test in IT for a new client)
"Thank you for all these years. It has been a pleasure co-operating with you and I truly admire your professionalism."
(Project manager leaving)
"I have reviewed all 3 courses and have not found any issues. Thanks for your effort on this, translation quality is very good."
(Translation and reviewing of online courses)
"I have reviewed this course and quality is very good. Text is clear, style is concise and natural and all graphic texts are matching with caption text. I have not found any issue except one small extra space on HTML page."
(Full checking of an online course)
"Many thanks for the quick delivery and excellent work."
(Mobile app localization)
"We received a very nice message from the customer. They were very happy with your translation and commented that was well done. Thank you very much for the good work!"
(Translation of a sales brochure)
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